University of California, Los Angeles

Instructor of Record

Dynamical systems analysis of nonlinear systems of differential equations: One- and two- dimensional flows. Fixed points, limit cycles, and stability analysis. Bifurcations and normal forms. Elementary geometrical and topological results. Applications to problems in biology, chemistry, physics, and other fields. 

Introduction to fundamental principles and spirit of applied mathematics. Emphasis on manner in which mathematical models are constructed for physical problems. Illustrations from many fields of endeavor, such as the physical sciences, biology, economics, and traffic dynamics.

Mathematical models for image processing and analysis: Filtering (in the spatial and frequency domains), denoising, morphology, image transforms, image restoration, image segmentation, and applications. 

Michigan State University

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Computational modeling using a wide variety of applications examples. Algorithmic thinking, dataset manipulation, model building, data visualization, and numerical methods all implemented as programs.